By guest, Mar 31 2014 06:04AM went live in 2013. This is the place to find our books at competitive prices and to keep up on the latest releases and events. This blog will only be updated when there is news regarding a new release or event such as a book giveaway on Goodreads. You can get e-mail updates about our new releases by signing up for our general newsletter. If you only want updates on a specific series or genre we publish, we hope to soon have newsletter links on the blogs that represent them. To check out the genre blogs we currently have up and running look under "Links & Other Blogs.

Right now, The Inconvenient Widow is available in paperback and it is at Kindle for processing right now (this will take a couple days). Sal, Captain of the Baby Guards is available in paperback and a hardcover is in processing (this will take about 3 weeks). There is a Goodreads giveawy for Sal, Captain of the Baby Guards books that will end in May. We will try to have a link posted here. There is a link posted on the OnBeingAnAuthor blog Jennifer writes.

The Essential Guides to Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy (U.K. and U.S. versions) should be out this week. The Corruption should be here by the end of April (hopefully sooner, but uploading and formatting have been a bear on our books).

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