The Lost Histories of Eden: The Corruption


“Even now sin is knocking at our door.” Little did the people of Siriad know how literal Seth was in his deathbed prophecy. Several Iyr were already united with Satan in a massive effort to abandon their posts in Heaven and claim the earth as their own. When they arrived in their physical forms on earth and peacefully offered Heaven’s knowledge in exchange for men’s daughters, how could the inhabitants of Eden refuse?

Siriad’s leaders alone stand firm in their backmountain belief in an Almighty who will save them from the economic sanctions of the Iyr-united Eden. However, when Siriad’s gate is attacked by raiders from the plains, Jared, heir to the throne of Siriad, is sent on a mission with his new wife and some friends to discover if the Iyr have decided to become more aggressive in their intentions.

As they travel throughout Eden, trying to hide their backmountain ways and blend in with the scantily clad and technologically advanced Iyr cultures, they stumble across secret alliances with the savage raiders, genetically altered monsters, the banished mate of the dragon who deceived Eve, a huge ‘hospital’ where women are sacrificed to breed some of the Iyr’s creations, and inadvertently uncover a plot to destroy mankind.

Although we write from a Judeo-Christian background, the purpose of this book is not to preach about how man should be, but rather to provide a look at how man is. God is not a character (although Satan is), and it is left to the reader to decide if He is the distant, uncaring Being the fallen angels claim Him to be. People from Siriad are not faultless, and although the fallen angels all eventually are banished to the Abyss, some are sympathetic characters. The theme of the book is “to enslave,” and we attempted to look at all the ways man can be enslaved as well as what true freedom is.

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