The Essential U.S. Guide to Chemotherapy and Radiation


In the United States in 2011, around 1,530,000 people were newly diagnosed with cancer. However, cancer survival rates have been steadily improving from 2001 - 2008. This increase in survivorship can be attributed in part to the modern improvements and use of radiotherapy and chemotherapy to fight cancer.

Although radiotherapy and chemotherapy are two of the most common treatments for cancer or tumours, most people are unsure about what these treatments are and what to expect when they are undergoing them. The Essential U.S. Guide to Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy is written in language people can comprehend with the desire to help those who have been diagnosed with cancer to understand the treatments they are about to begin. It can help provide insight to those who are friends and family of a cancer patient. It will explain the advice given to you by your doctor and help you continue to live cancer free even after your treatments are complete.

This book removes the mystery surrounding these cancer treatments and helps you to get through them so you can get on with the rest of your life. It is an informative resource not only for people who are being treated or going to be treated with radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy, but also for their friends, family members and caregivers of cancer patients.

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