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a little background:

In case you are interested...

Jennifer is probably one of the most diverse opinionated people around. Chances are good she has already been there and done that but has since given it up for health reasons.


Jennifer is a Christian who loves the Lord and thinks people who say the Bible is an oral tradition not only have not read oral traditions (she has read many) but have also not read the primary source histories of the people contemporary to the Hebrews.


Jennifer listens to pretty much any music as long as she is in the mood for it and it is not acid metal or gangster rap. Heavy  metal and Christian rap are fine, though. She enjoys most books unless they are fiction parading as non-fiction, self-help books, or books that have been marketed so much they caught on but really did not have substance. Her favorite playwrights are Brecht, Shakespeare, and Beckett.


Despite coming from a twice "broken home" she has been married to her husband since 1999.

Jason is not quite as flighty as his wife. Although he has agreed to set up solar shingles and a windmill if ever they can afford it, he has informed her that she will be cleaning the composting toilets if she insists upon installing them.


Jason is also a Christian, but he views the Lord as his King and Savior as opposed to a close friend. He enjoys listening to talk radio and the Bible on CD while he commutes.


Jason used to listen to Rob Zombie and AC/DC, which his wife teases him relentlessly about. He mellowed into Christian music and Collective Soul shortly before he met Jennifer. Although his musical tastes were once limited, the years of living with his wife have taught him to appreciate 80's music.  His favorite book (aside from the Bible) is Luo Guanzhong's Romance of Three Kingdoms. His least favorite play is Beckett's "Act Without Words."


Despite coming from a divorced family and having a wife with ADHD, he has been married to his wife since 1999.