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Cheaper By the Dozen Study Guide:

Sal was the captain of the Baby Guards. He came from a long line of Baby Guard captains...

So begins the story of an imaginative toddler and his encounters with dragons. However, once his imagination gets going, it is hard to stop. Will he find the courage to save his mother from the dangers he has created?

As an added bonus, shadow dragons are hiding throughout the book. Some are easy and some are hard to spot. Can you find them all? This book teaches children to confront their fears.

Sal, Captain of the Baby Guards:

This book is available in the UK as well.

HIV and AIDS: the Essential Guide:

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The Essential U.S. Guide to Chemotherapy and Radiation:

The Inconvenient Widow:

The Simple Job:

Excerpt from the work in progress:






“You’ve got mail.” Click.


It happens the same every time. Why? I get into my email and click the box next to the untitled email. Without opening it, I change the title and forward it to the cryptic vtqfbm91120@rrnzz.net. Where does it go? What is it? Like every other time, I get into my Paypal account. Sure enough the $500 deposit has been made. Where do they get the money from? Is this job really worth that much?


Long ago, I learned to stifle my conscious. It was a good job. The mysterious voice on the other end of the phone had contacted me six years ago after I posted my unimpressive resume on a job finding website. I was told by the voice that the job he wanted to hire me to do consisted of me having 100% availability by phone and email. I would receive the calls at any time of the day or night. I was to pass the emails on immediately after rewriting the title.

The Corruption:

The Corruption is an epic fantasy set in the pre-flood world detailing events from Genesis and the Book of Enoch.


Chapter 1:


The mists fell as day morphed into the evening, and the full array of the Heavens came into view. A strong, cool wind began to snake its way rapidly through the avenues and down the narrow alleyways. The torches on the posts lining the streets flickered under its influence, barely staying lit during the stronger gusts.


A tall figure clothed in thick, flowing, white robes with a hood that concealed his eyes materialized from the shadows of the western gate. His face was smooth and youthful, his figure sleek and fit. He paused after stepping into the light of a torch positioned at the entrance gate and looked toward the great hill that was the central point of the city. Along the side of the mount were small lights moving as if giant fireflies were positioning themselves on its western face.

This book will be available in the U.S.

The Essential U.K. Guide to Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy:

This book will be available in the UK and Europe.


The Inconvenient Widow is the first Inspirational Historical Romance in the Situations of Inconvenience Series. It is set in 1739 Britain.


Chapter 1:

1739; Whitchurch, Hampshire


Emily awoke with a start when the door to the inn slammed open. The cold night air played upon the back of her neck as footsteps rushed into the hallway. Her neck was stiff, and a slight headache was threatening. She did not remember at first why she was at the inn, but when the memory came, her eyes popped wide open. She had been waiting in this common room for hours. Her employer had failed to arrive and escort her to her new position.


“Where is he?” she heard a young man’s voice demand. Convincing herself she could use the exercise, she allowed her curiosity to get the best of her. . She carefully stood and strolled toward the dark window, glancing into the hallway as she passed the doorway leading to it.

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